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den Atelier & Banque Internationale à Luxembourg – BIL proudly present:

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🎵 AaRON (FR)
🎧 youtu.be/wJRh0PlWB6g
🎧 open.spotify.com/artist/0qT79UgT5tY4yudH9VfsdT

With the golden age of a certain idea of pop in mind, yet with their eyes clearly set on the future, AaRON explores a wide range of musical moods, as with “Magnetic Road”, a gut-wrenching, postmodern gospel whose heart beats in slow motion. The album abounds with hypnotic rhythms (the title track) and tunes of unmistakable singalong quality (the classic “Blouson Noir”, the irresistible “The Leftovers”) while parts of a verse or a chorus may conjure up the ghost of Marvin Gaye or the figures of Depeche Mode. Other songs venture into transfixing minimalism (the impressive “Invisible Stains” and “2:22”), resemble nursery rhymes for grown-ups (the heady “Ride On”, the falsely ingenuous “Maybe On The Moon”), suspend time (“Shades Of Blue”, best described as a martial ballad), or make you want to close your eyes and attempt a few dance steps (the supremely elegant “Onassis”). Recorded in splendid isolation in Olivier Coursier’s studio over 2014 and 2015, We Cut The Night is an album of atmospheres, tales, short stories. This is music which lifts the veil of intimacy, but never in an intrusive way, and seems able to turn darkness into bright shining lights. It is a celebration – one which will make your nights more beautiful than your days.

One of these nights will be May 8th, as they’ll drop by den Atelier for an unforgettable evening. Ticket sales start on Wednesday 15th January!

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den Atelier
54, rue de Hollerich


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