Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen

Bienvenue Willkommen Welcome

By creating Metz Métropolitain, I wanted to create the first local media thought by you, for you.

The origin of the project

A micro-entrepreneur from Metz in the IT and multimedia sector since 2009, I started the project in March 2017. After a year of benchmarking, the content and form are defined and optimized. The primary will of the initiative will remain unchanged and will strengthen over time: to shine our locality and all its actors, whether citizens, associations, businesses and representatives of the public sector; always in a fair, equitable, benevolent way.

We met

In 2019, you are more than 100,000 visitors to accumulate nearly 150,000 visits. You have been and will continue to be actors in the new version of Metz Métropolitain, which is evolving to offer you even more comfort, news, events and discoveries. You have been and will always be actors on Metz Métropolitain, the Community page reinforces this approach by simplifying it further.

And in 2020?

Metz Métropolitain becomes the first local media AMP First to use enriched data in such an advanced way. In fact, when you are looking for information or an event relating to our locality, you are always more likely to find it on Metz Metropolitan. The technique makes itself useful, civic and associative initiatives benefit from the kind of a better free exhibition. Other developments will follow, Metz Métropolitain has always been in perpetual evolution.

Local and extra-local

Over time, Metz Métropolitain always receives more hyper-local visitors, from Metz, its Metropolis and more widely from the Moselle. You also read us from all over Lorraine and Alsace, and overall the Grand Est Region. Over the past year, the number of visits from our friends and neighbors has also increased significantly. You read us from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom. Our non-exagon readers are either natives or expatriates, who keep in touch with their region on Metropolitan Metz; in both cases, we kiss you.

To better respond to this new audience, Metz Métropolitain is now multilingual French, English, German. Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!


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Metz Métropolitain, the independent magazine covering current events, events and discoveries from the municipalities of Metz and its Metropolis, Moselle, Lorraine, Grand Est. Metz Métropolitain is the portal designed by you, created for you.