Metz in the top 20 of best destinations from the magazine Condé Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler

Metz is in the top 20 of the best destinations of the American magazine Condé Nast Traveler. It is the only French destination in the ranking, alongside other world tourist references, such as South Korea, Japan, Australia and many others.

The article evokes the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne de Metz and its 800th anniversary celebrations, the Maison Dufossé, the Lorraine quiche, the Hôtel Philippe Stark. Metz Métropolitain has translated for you the passage dedicated to Metz.

It is a mystery that the historic region of Lorraine, in France, is still largely ignored, especially since there was an international showdown over this northeastern province which began in the Middle Ages and lasted for centuries. The region is ready to attract the attention of the whole world in 2020, when Metz, the elegant capital of the province, celebrates the 800th anniversary of its Saint-Etienne cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. After a fire that threatened to overthrow Notre-Dame de Paris last spring, and while the Parisian icon is being restored, consider visiting the monument of Metz, built from local golden limestone. With a 138-foot-tall nave, it is one of the tallest Gothic buildings in Europe. But what really sets it apart are its stained glass windows, which are the largest in the world in area, with 70,000 square feet. A highlight is the representations of the Old Testament by artist Marc Chagall, whose stained glass windows will be at the center of an exhibition in October 2020 at the Center Pompidou-Metz – which is celebrating its 10th anniversary that year.



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