Lorraine, heart region

Lorraine Heart Region

Crossed by the Moselle, the Meurthe and the Meuse, Lorraine is the only French region to have a border with three countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It is at the heart of European identity and history. Despite its tormented historical past, it maintains a dynamism and a strong attractiveness.
In summary :

  • The Moselle
  • Young people and the First World War
  • Industrial conversion
  • “Made in Lorraine”
  • The beauty of the Vosges
  • Portrait of chef Loïc Villemin

Le Papar Hasard – Bar Expo Crêperie de la Vallée des Eclusiers
Sleep at Révotel – Nancy

Visit the Douaumont ossuary
55100 Douaumont

Eat at the “Cantinières” Food truck, 100% Meusien
Unknown Soldier Avenue (227.44 km)
55100 Verdun

Fly with “Les Ailes Anciennes de Lorraine”
54800 Doncourt-Lès-Conflans, Lorraine, France

Rent bikes in Verdun
Atelier Cycles Verdun
48 Rue du Pré Pommere, 55100 Verdun
09 81 99 99 29

First flight in a hot air balloon in Lorraine
03 82 33 77 77

Taste the Macarons of the sisters in Nancy
Macaron sisters house
21 Rue Gambetta, 54000 Nancy
03 83 32 24 25

Sleep at Hattonchâtel Castle
3 bis Rue du Château À Hattonchâtel, 55210 Vigneulles-lès-Hattonchâtel
03 29 89 31 79

Sleep in the Sainte-Croix Animal Park
03 87 03 92 05


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