#GEMAB21 will take you beyond the clouds “Aim High!”

GMAB Grand Est Mondial Air Ballon 2021

From July 23rd to August 1st 2021, the 17th edition of the Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons (#GEMAB21) will take place on the Chambley airfield (LFJY) between Metz and Nancy (Lorraine – Grand Est Region – France). Three thousand pilots and balloon crews from all over the world are expected for the ten days of this largest international gathering in the world.

For almost a month now, the opening of pilot registrations has set the countdown start. A somewhat complicated period at the moment due to the persistence of the pandemic.

For many pilots who live far away from France, it is important to plan well in advance the shipping of their balloon, their accommodation and their travel for the event. So we share the hope that this sad period will be far behind us in eleven months time.

Philippe Buron Pilâtre, the event’s organizer

GEMAB is a true economic and tourist beacon, through acquiring a worldwide fame, with its international media coverage, its 500,000 spectators, and its more than 200 companies, communities and partner institutions.

Officials estimate that the economic and media spin-offs are worth more than 30 million €.

With its efficient organization of 450 volunteers, security, rescue and service providers, the “Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons” intends to present a panel of events for a mainly family audience. Two daily mass balloon launches (world record in 2017 with 456 balloons lined up on the runways of the airfield) and about fifty activities, on the ground and in the air (including first flights in hot-air balloon, Ulm, airplane, glider, helicopter and paraglider), are the core of the festival.

New car parks are planned to improve public access, as well as catering areas, museums, conferences and workshops that will appeal to the 7 to 77 year olds.

Admission and parking are offered to visitors, thanks in particular to the support of the main partner, the Grand Est Region.


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