Forbes : Metz is one of the five historic french cities to explore after Paris

Forbes Five Historic French Cities To Explore After Paris

In the article “Five Historic French Cities To Explore After Paris“, Forbes highlights some of the most beautiful cities in France, including Metz.

Nîmes, Quimper, Bourges, Metz and Pau are part of this selection of tourist destinations that Forbes has selected for their History with a capital H.

The paragraph dedicated to Metz does not lack historical references:

This enduring city has seen the rise and fall of many great empires throughout its roughly three thousand year lifespan, first serving as a prominent community within the Gaulish Mediomatrici tribe before its capture by the Roman Empire around 1st century BCE. In the following centuries, the city fell under Frankish rule, spent roughly three hundred years as a sovereign nation, and eventually fell under French control in 1552. The city’s lengthy history has fostered an incredibly diverse architectural layout – visitors can gaze upon preserved Roman architecture, including one of the oldest churches on earth, enjoy French cuisine at the city’s opulent covered market, and explore the German-designed Imperial Quarter, a district that dates back to the city’s brief time under German rule.

Forbes – “Five Historic French Cities To Explore After Paris”


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