Constellations 2019: economic and image impact

Constellations Metz

A study was conducted on the economic and image impact of the international digital arts festival Constellations of Metz 2019. This survey allowed to question 940 visitors from June 20 to September 7, and to conduct a survey of providers premises before and after the festival. Zoom on the points to remember!

The festival has become an unmissable summer event in Metz. The last edition took place from June 20 to September 7 and gathered more than 1,400,000 spectators. Almost a third of these visitors live in the metropolis of Metz. Foreign visitors come from neighboring countries: Luxembourg 29%, Germany 25% and Belgium 11%.

The survey, carried out by the company Protourisme at the request of the Inspire Metz agency, reveals a heterogeneous public, with the under 35s who represent 55% of the visitors. 32% of all visitors make a second visit during their presence in Metz, their favorite being mainly the mapping of the cathedral.

Tourists spent an average of 57 euros per day while those staying in market accommodation spent an average of 79 euros per day per person. The vast majority of visitors interviewed made at least one expense in the territory of Metz Métropole during the festival.

This edition of Constellations has given a very good image of the city of Metz and therefore contributes to its attractiveness. 89% of the visitors thus left the festival with a positive image – against 38% before their visit. They were all satisfied with the welcome during the festival and the programming. Almost half of them came during a previous edition, while 8 out of 10 visitors made their first visit with the intention of coming back, which shows the strong loyalty of the event.

Regarding the economic benefits, the visitors who came for the festival spent 5.2 million euros including tax in local businesses (accommodation, leisure, culture, food shopping, catering, shopping). In Metz Métropole, they amounted to 6.4 million euros. Note that the festival represents 148 full-time jobs and helped create 140.

The fourth edition of the Constellations festival will take place from Thursday June 25 to Saturday September 5, 2020. It will be organized around the theme of water in space, with regard to future explorations on Mars launched this summer. On the program: brand new maps including Morphosis 2 and many other surprises…


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