Cryptos are going to change the world – how can you use it to your advantage? And – even more importantly – without losing all your money?

About this event

Cryptos will change the world – are you prepared for it?

Do you know how to take advantage of it – and become affluent potentially?

And how to stay safe – without losing all your money?

But how does it all work?

Crypto can be overwhelming when starting out.

It’s a complete new world that opens up – with many new opportunities but also some risks.

In this workshop we’re sharing our best tips to win the crypto game…

So that you not only can…

…Build a money nest egg- but potentially a reliable monthly income- whether bitcoin is going up or down.

And with that your financial independence right now in 2022, with crypto.

(Plus, we will share our best tip we think might turn into quite a big opportunity in the next few weeks and months with the people who are there live.)

And we are excited to share it with others who would like to learn more about how to use this space for themselves.

There are no prerequisites or need for prior knowledge for this workshop. We aim to make it accessible for everyone.

(…and we’ll show you how you can even get started with crypto on a tiny budget- we did also.)

***This event is for entertainment and educational purposes only, it is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

***Investing into crypto currencies bears risks. NEVER invest money you can not afford to lose.

**There will be no recording sent out from this event, join us LIVE to be able to ask questions and get help.

Date and timeSat, June 25, 20225:00 PM – 6:30 PM CEST


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